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Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses the Best Toys for Your Dog


Matt Davies Harmony Communities knows it’s critical to look after your dog’s health and happiness if you want to be a good pet owner. Spending quality time with your dog, allowing them to play to their hearts’ content, and providing them with plenty of love, attention, and mental stimulation are the greatest ways to keep them paw-sitive. Toys are essential for your dog’s well-being when it comes to playtime.

When purchasing any dog toy, safety and ethical factors must be considered, determined mainly by the dog’s size, activity level, and preferences. It’s also critical to choose toys appropriate for your dog’s health to keep bigger canines from eating and choking on smaller toys.

Dog toys are available in various forms and sizes, and individual dogs will have varied toy preferences. Some dogs prefer to play fetch, while others prefer to tug or gnaw. It’s vital to have a variety of toys that your dog will enjoy keeping them occupied. There are various categories to pick from.

Dog Toys of Various Types

  • Soft Toys
    • Stuffed toys are great for dogs who prefer cuddling or gentle play. Don’t be shocked if you discover your dog snuggling with a plush animal in their bed since many dogs treat these toys as if they were their own personal “little spoon.” However, make sure your dog doesn’t eat the cotton, wool, or other filler from the toys, as this can be dangerous and even cause choking. Choose “stuffed toys” that are merely soft on the outside and have no stuffing.
  • Chew Toys
    • Chew toys are great for puppies and dogs who are quickly bored. They are excellent at keeping your dog occupied for long periods because of their durability. When your dog gets a chew toy, it’s essential to watch them because a strong chewer could pull the item apart and consume it. This is very dangerous for your dog when it comes to rubber bones that are supposed to smell or taste like chicken.
  • Balls
    • Tennis balls and smaller versions of them are great for dogs who want to chase after things. They’re ideal for fetch because they’re easy for the dog to carry back and forth. Some toys include a “thrower,” which is helpful if you don’t want to deal with a slobbery ball after your dog has played with it for a while.
  • Toys for tug of war
    • Toys for tug of war are self-explanatory: they’re for tugging with your dog. They’re typically two-ended ropes for basic play between two dogs or you and your dog.
  • Squeaky Toys
    • According to most dog behavior experts, dogs may like squeaky toys for various reasons, but the top three are inextricably linked to their hunter instincts, chewing, and the sound itself. Although some pet parents object to the squeaker’s constant sound, there are ‘silent’ squeaky toys that function at human-friendly frequencies and provide all of the benefits without the noise.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggest you look for dog toys at your local pet supply store if you’re thinking about making a purchase. Finding the appropriate dog toy for your four-legged best friend is crucial for owning and rearing a dog. Therefore, it’s essential to understand your dog’s needs while selecting the proper type of dog toy.

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