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Things to Know About South African Mastiff Dog

You should remember that South African mastiffs or Boerboels are perfect family pets that will provide you an additional enjoyment, love, and protection.

Getting a new dog is not something you should take lightly, especially since everyone from your family should enjoy it.

It is important to enter here to learn more about this particular breed.

At the same time, you need to learn about a particular breed before purchasing it because each option comes with specific benefits and disadvantages.


  • They are a highly affectionate and loyal breed that will develop an instinct to protect you and your entire family.
  • They do not come with genetic and hereditary conditions, making them one of the healthiest breeds you can find.
  • They are simple to maintain, which means that you do not have to groom them like other dogs. Since low maintenance is something you should remember about them, you could rest assured along the way.
  • They feature low shedding coats, which means they are perfect for families that suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues.


  • It is imperative to start with training early, especially if you wish to ensure that it stays with your family and becomes a part of it. Suppose you do not implement practical or early training. In that case, the dog can start breaking boundaries and show dominance, which can be highly disturbing for owners and even dangerous in specific situations.
  • They are highly protective and gentle to children, which is a great thing to have in mind. However, since they are large, you should avoid letting small children and toddlers play with them because they can scare as a result. At the same time, you should avoid letting your young ones stay alone with Boerboels to prevent potential injuries from happening.
  • You should exercise and stimulate it mentally every single day because they can quickly get bored due to their sizes. If you neglect proper physical stimulation, they can end up with significant destructive behavior.
  • Before you decide to bring South African Mastiff into your home, you should ensure that garden fencing is both secure and safe. The main reason for that is that they are outdoor dogs that will go through if they notice a weakness, which may lead to havoc.

Relevant Information You Should Know About South African Mastiffs

Keep in mind that this particular breed is energetic, loyal, and large, but it can be an exciting and perfect pet in a specific environment and setting.

Generally, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, which is why you should buy them only if you have large backyards or outdoor space you can take them.

You need to dedicate at least one hour daily to ensure an energetic walk and running and spend time with it, stimulating it mentally and socializing it along the way.

That way, your puppy will become both affectionate and loyal as it grows up, which means you will get a perfect protector for your entire family and household.

You should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORqn8LMAgUQ&ab_channel=AnimalWatch to learn more about South African Mastiffs before you get one.

We have mentioned above that this particular breed does not shed the same way as others, which means that they are simple to maintain. They are great for people with respiratory issues, mainly because you should groom them at least once a week to ensure that everything is okay.

At the same time, you should check their eyes from time to time because it is one of the most problematic areas that can get infections if you do not care about them.


Each canine comes with a different personality, but this particular breed has a few general things you should know. For instance, they are affectionate and calm with a high sense of loyalty, especially if you establish yourself as a pack leader.

However, they tend to vary from strangers, which means that they will respond with shyness and discomfort. Therefore, you should reassure them as a pack leader that everything is safe and secure. Another important consideration is to ensure you socialize your South African Mastiff as soon as you get it.

It would be best to introduce them to other dogs and pets, as well as people that frequently visit your home. That way, you will ensure that they do not act aggressively on other dogs and people you welcome in your home.

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