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2 important things to know before giving your pet CBD products

Before you choose a Suzie’s CBD Treats, you need to know more about what CBD oil is? It is the cannabidiol and it is a cannabinoid which is produced by a plant called the cannabis sativa. There are various species of this plant with one that produce cannabis which is referred to as marijuana and another which produces the hemp.

The difference that exists between the two plans is the THC amount, which is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis during plant at the time harvest of dry weight matters. While the hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, marijuana has more, and the marijuana is known to have higher risk of your pet than the hemp.

Get to know how CBD might help with your pet’s managing pain, anxiety and much more

Get to know where the CBD is coming from

A product which has CBD denotes nothing unless you know where the CBD is coming from, and that is the main thing to get to know the side effects that you should expect. The CBD products which are hemp based are safe but the products for CBD that has marijuana, which has THC, can be used for some medicinal purposes, when combined with one another, but the risks are higher.

Signs of the THC toxicity begin with the lethargy and can cause loss of coordination and balance, then the loss of consciousness and in some instances, death which is the reason why it isn’t recommended for use of such products without guidance.

It is hard for the veterinary to recommend or discuss cannabis products unless in California

Since the marijuana is known to be a schedule 1 controlled product, vets might lose their licenses potentially or be penalized for advising a client to use CBD products on the pet. It is crazy since that is where you need to go for advice. California is the only exception which became the first state recently to allow veterinary discussing about use of CBD but not prescribe or recommend cannabis with the clients. It is important to also remember that the FDA has not approved any CBD products for use with pets which makes it to be complex for the pet parents and the vets.


The above seems to give you light of what you should know as far as purchase of CBD products for your pet is concerned. You might be doing it at your own risk since they will not be recommended by any licensed veterinary.

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