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Cats love to climb and spend their time on thigh areas napping, scratching, playing, or relaxing as they observe everything going on. They feel powerful when they perch on high places around your home, surveying everything and looking upon their domain. If you don’t have a cat tree for your kitty, you may find it climbing on cabinets and other high spots in your house, and it can easily break things or cause damage in the process of perching. Thankfully, you can save your cat the trouble by investing in a cat tree.

A cat tree or a cat tower is a high structure offering your cat a place to play on, nap, relax, scratch, and most importantly, climb on. Some even come equipped with condos that the cat can retire to at night. A cat tower provides your indoor kitty with many benefits, including:


Cats naturally love to climb and perch upon high places. However, indoor cats always get into trouble for climbing because they tend to break and ruin things as they climb. Cat towers come in all sizes and heights, offering your cat the perfect structure for climbing on to relax or play as they pass the time.

A scratching post

Many indoor cats mostly get reprimanded for scratching surfaces they are not supposed to, such as sofas, furniture, and the floor. You may be wondering why cats love scratching surfaces. Well, it is their way of releasing stress and marking their territory. It can be saddening to find that your kitty has scratched your expensive sofa. Some cat towers come with a scratching post made with sisal rope or carpeting around it offering your cat a surface to scratch on.

They use height for safety.

Have you ever wondered why cats love to climb? They use heights for safety. Outdoor cats may choose to climb trees and observe everything going on from up there, enabling them to target prey and escape alligators. Investing in a cat tower for your indoor kitty gives it a high place to climb on and escape to for relaxation.

More territory for your pets

If you have more than one cat, giving them more space to climb is the best way to ensure they are comfortable. A high tower can provide vertical space to increase their climbing area. It is also a great solution if you have two cats who don’t like to spend close together. They can benefit from a vertical tower with several perches, hideaways, and levels so they can comfortably share the space.

Increases your cat’s confidence

Buying your shy cat a cat tree can boost its confidence, especially if it doesn’t like coming out where there are people. Setting up a cat tower with perches can help it feel more secure and provide an ideal place to climb on and feel powerful.


A cat tower provides your kitty with a high place to climb on, relax and feel powerful. It is a sound enrichment for a happy cat.

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